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On the forklift lithium battery common failure and cause analysis!

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On the forklift lithium battery common failure and cause analysis!

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The reasons for the abnormal lithium battery of forklift truck are summarized, including the capacity of lithium battery of forklift truck, the internal resistance of lithium battery of forklift truck, the voltage of lithium battery of forklift truck, the size is too thick, and the circuit break, etc. The battery capital is simply summarized and Shared with you. These abnormal reasons are often encountered in the production process.

The common failures and causes of forklift lithium battery are as follows:

1. Low battery capacity

Causes: a. small amount of auxiliary materials; B. There is a big difference in the amount of attached materials between the two sides of the pole sheet; C. Plate fracture; D. less electrolyte; E. low conductivity of electrolyte; F. The anode and cathode plates are not well matched; G. small porosity of diaphragm; H. Adhesive aging adhesives fall off; I. excessively thick core (not dried or permeated by electrolyte) j. K. Anode and cathode materials are smaller than capacitance.

2. High internal resistance of the battery

Causes: a. Virtual welding of negative plate and pole ear; B. Virtual welding of positive plate and pole ear; C. Blind welding of positive lug and cap; D. False welding of anode lug and shell; E. Large internal resistance between rivet and press plate; F. No conductive agent is added to the positive electrode; G. No lithium salts in electrolyte; H. There was a short circuit in the battery; I. diaphragm paper has low porosity.

3. Low battery voltage

Causes: a. side reactions (electrolyte decomposition; Positive pole has impurity; There is water); B. Not properly formed (SEI film is not formed safely); C. Leakage of the customer's circuit board (refer to the cell returned by the customer after processing); D. The customer fails to spot weld (the cell processed by the customer) as required; E. burr; F. micro-short circuit; G. The negative electrode produces dendrites.

4. The causes of ultra-thick are as follows:

Causes: a. leakage of welding seam; B. Electrolyte decomposition; C. Undried moisture; D. poor sealing of the cap; E. the shell wall is too thick; F. The shell is too thick; G. Too thick coil core (too many attachments; Pole sheet not compacted; The diaphragm is too thick.

5. Abnormal battery formation:

Causes: a. unformed (SEI film is incomplete and dense); B. High baking temperature adhesive aging stripping; C. Low negative specific capacity; D. More positive terminal materials and less negative terminal materials; E. leakage of cap and welding seam; F. Electrolyte decomposition, reduced conductivity.

6. Battery explosion:

Causes: a. The sub-container is faulty (resulting in overcharging); B. Poor closing effect of diaphragm; C. internal short circuit.

7. Battery short circuit:

Causes: a. dust; B. Shell fashion is broken; C. Ruler scraping (diaphragm paper is too small or not properly padded); D. Uneven winding; E. F. The diaphragm has holes; G. burr

8. Battery break:

Causes: a) pole ear and rivet are not well welded, or the effective solder joint area is small; B) the connecting piece is broken (the connecting piece is too short or too close to the pole piece for spot welding)

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