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Do you know the difference between power lithium battery and capacity lithium battery?

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Do you know the difference between power lithium battery and capacity lithium battery?

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Lithium battery is a kind of battery which is made of lithium metal or lithium alloy as negative electrode material and USES non-aqueous electrolyte solution. The first lithium batteries came from the great inventor Edison. Due to the very lively chemical properties of lithium metal, the processing, preservation and use of lithium metal have very high requirements for the environment. So lithium batteries have not been used for a long time. With the development of microelectronic technology in the 20th century, more and more miniaturized devices are being used, which requires high power supply. The lithium battery then entered the large-scale practical stage. It was first used in pacemakers. Because the self-discharge rate of lithium battery is very low, the discharge voltage is gentle. It makes it possible to implant pacemakers into the body for long-term use.

Lithium batteries generally have a nominal voltage higher than 3.0 volts and are more suitable for integrated circuit power supply. Manganese dioxide batteries are widely used in computers, calculators, cameras and watches.

Batteries can be divided into lead-acid batteries, primary alkaline batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-hydride batteries, lithium ion batteries and so on. Battery can output the discharge current of the size can be divided into power batteries and batteries, basic is defined as the difference of power batteries and batteries, batteries can be the biggest 3 c discharge current, and power lithium battery is usually refers to 5 c discharge current, and high ratio of power battery in 20 c or more discharge current.

So lithium batteries come in both conventional and dynamic versions. Power batteries include lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and lithium-ion batteries.

Power lithium battery

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