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What should I pay attention to when charging the forklifts lithium battery?

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What should I pay attention to when charging the forklifts lithium battery?

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Lithium battery is the forklift battery promotion preferred. The green quality of lithium batteries has been recognized after they were widely used in mobile phones and other portable communication devices. In the production process, the lithium battery manufacturers for large-scale electric equipment do not use water or batteries containing any heavy metals. There is no solid pollution of lithium batteries for large electric equipment, and the environmental impact is minimized. Lithium batteries weigh less than 3kg, which is much easier than 15kg lead-acid batteries. In performance, lithium battery is also increasingly outstanding, - 20 ℃ to 55 ℃ can charge and discharge, normal stature is lead-acid battery forklift taking 3 to 4 times. It is predicted that the forklift truck with lithium battery will be widely used in the next three to five years. Just now the soaring price of electric lithium-ion batteries is daunting to consumers. After a few years with the lithium battery production skills of sophisticated, will be large electric equipment with lithium battery manufacturers reasonable price into the public. Forklift lithium battery will be widely used, so how to correctly charge the lithium battery in the use of forklift? The following three points are elaborated:

1. Place the power supplement:

The battery pack has some power left before leaving the factory, and can be used for short distance riding after the forklift is sold. After the first ride, the battery should be charged for the first time. It is recommended to charge the battery for a long time (8-12 hours).

After the use of the battery pack should be timely charging not short of storage, if the battery is placed more than two months time is not used, the battery pack needs a complete charge. If the battery pack needs to be placed beyond 5 months, a charge and discharge cycle will be conducted. Regular use of the battery, normal use, long-term storage of the battery pack charging rules, to ensure that the battery pack the best useful role, and extend the use life

2. Normal charging:

The normal charging method for the battery pack is as follows: first connect the charger to the charged battery pack, and then connect the charger power plug to the 220V ac power supply. (this sequence prevents the occurrence of an electrical spark when the charging plug is plugged in or out.) When the power is switched on, the red indicator light of the charger indicates that the battery pack is being charged normally, which can be charged within 6-8 hours according to the usual practice.

3. Note for chargers:

In order to ensure the charging safety of the battery pack and ensure the use life of the battery pack, this battery pack can only use the 36V lithium battery special charger matched by our company. If the charger is lost or damaged, please contact the corresponding dealer for purchase. Do not use lead-acid charger or other charger to charge.

What should I pay attention to when charging the forklift's lithium battery?

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