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Three taboos when using forklift lithium batteries!

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Three taboos when using forklift lithium batteries!

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Now, the forklift is becoming more and more high-end intelligent direction. Forklift development and manufacturing technology in continuous progress, forklift manufacturing technology is also increasingly sophisticated. But forklift lithium battery manufacturers have a drawback, but has always restricted the development of forklift, that is, batteries!

The lithium battery industry of new energy forklift truck ushered in a wave of development boom again with the successive announcement of the schedule of banned fuel vehicles around the world. It is foreseeable that lithium battery will be widely used in the forklift industry in the future.

Forklift lithium battery is divided into three categories, the top three lithium, is also the forklift lithium battery manufacturers in the use of the most of a kind of lithium battery, the second lithium iron phosphate, the third lithium titanate, during the lithium titanate throughout very low, few people use. Top of the list now days and major manufacturers are mainly ternary lithium battery, which days lithium battery is 18650 lithium battery, super power lithium battery is the first soft package of ternary lithium, are attributed to the type of ternary lithium, 3.7v, 4.2v full charge.

The first high temperature, lithium battery afraid of high temperature.

Second big current, for example 18650 batteries is 3 c discharge, forklift truck is 8000 w, you use the batteries is lower than your forklift discharge current, it will lead to lithium battery temperature is too high, excessive current and short service life, also can present bulge obsolete status, if your forklift power is very big, very fast, and selected 10 c current 18650 batteries, so it's important to choose suitable batteries is obvious!

Third is full of electricity check, ternary lithium electricity with electricity is 4.35 V, now the protection board is 4.2 V is available in the market by charging, so many people buy lithium battery forklift said no nominal capacity is much, in fact, it is for this reason, generally long time hosting lithium battery forklift, with less than 50 best TV, for example, you buy a new phone, many are up fifty percent of the electricity. If full storage time is long, lithium battery capacity will be reduced. Lithium iron phosphate and lithium titanate outside, these two kinds can be fully stored, also need to pay attention to is to choose a better quality protection plate, lithium battery is the biggest taboo is overcharged, lithium a overcharged will become invalid, overcharged must also become invalid.

Pay attention to these points, your forklift lithium battery for five or six years is no problem!

Forklift lithium battery

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