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Towards 2025, China power lithium battery prospect!

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Towards 2025, China power lithium battery prospect!

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1. Intensified competition and war

According to South Korea's SNEresearch forecast, the global power battery market demand will reach 1243GWh in 2025, the output value will reach 97.9 billion us dollars, which is bound to attract more capital, technology, players to join the global power battery market competition will intensify.

Looking at the current situation, the war has been from the fight for supporting customers burned to the upstream raw material field, the world's lithium ore, nickel ore, cobalt ore resources hot, many automobile brands have also joined the battle, the first layout of the power battery enterprise will enjoy the initiative.

Objectively speaking, China's market share of power batteries ranks the first in the world, and it cannot conceal the fact that its overall innovation ability still lags behind Japan and South Korea. In particular, it still needs to catch up in advanced technology research and development, product consistency, manufacturing process, equipment and other fields. At the same time, in this round of competition has been opened in the European and American enterprises generally bet on solid lithium battery, lithium sulfur battery, lithium air battery and other new technologies, it is worth vigilance, looking forward to 2025, we may see "China, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States" five strong competition pattern.

2. From quantity first to quality first

The core of power battery also lies in energy density, which is the main theme of China's power battery development in the next few years.

The current government is top pr in technology research and development level, through high grade nickel was 2020 years ago, silicon carbon negative achieve 300 watts per kilogram (200-210 watts/kg) system, according to the member of the committee on ming-gao ouyang, ningde era of new energy, tianjin lishen hin has substantial breakthrough, hefei countries, especially the era of ningde product cycles can not only up to 1000 times or so, and took the lead through the national safety standards, the panasonic highest level with current representative 21700 batteries at the same level.

By 2025, China has also made breakthroughs in the development of high-capacity lithium-manganese anode batteries with energy density up to 400 watt-hours per kilogram. In addition, ningde times, avic lithium power, ningbo materials institute and other units are still actively laying out all-solid-state lithium batteries. After 2019, it may be put into mass production, which can be expected in the future.

At the industry level, the ministry has published the auto power battery industry standard conditions, through the "eight GWH annual capacity constraint", accelerate the industry merger and reorganization, pooling resources to foster a few have the core competitiveness of enterprises and the panasonic, samsung, LG just positive, in the next few years, the industry will develop in the direction of the norms and orderly, large-scale promotion can also help the amortized cost at the same time.

3. Shift from defensive competition to aggressive competition

The main object of form a complete set of Chinese power battery is independent brands, foreign brands general plan vigorously develop new energy vehicles around the year of 2020, China's next goal is power battery into the global car brand supply chain, from the defensive to aggressive competition, with Japan and South Korea in the international arena a arm-wrestling power battery, we welcome to see, ningde times have put this goal into reality.

Looking at the overall situation of China's power battery industry, the upstream has rich lithium resources, anode, cathode, electrolyte and other key raw materials, manufacturing equipment can be fully localized; Downstream, China has the world's largest market for new energy vehicles, and its own brands have almost monopolized the market share. In addition, the government has created a favorable policy and subsidy environment. The next three years will be a golden period for Chinese power battery enterprises to accumulate energy.

Although China internal power battery industry is the low concentration, the excess production capacity, supply and demand imbalance, and subsidies TuiPo year by year, upstream raw material prices also will continue to weaken the domestic power lithium batteries on winning price, but from the view of development, we have reason to believe that, on the basis of the existing industry, in the next few years will have more "ningde era" with international competitiveness.

The standard for China to become a powerful auto country is to have world-class vehicle manufacturers and parts companies. The strong rise of China's lithium battery industry has completely reversed the hollowing out of parts in the fuel automobile industry, and will help China to make a big step from a major auto country to a powerful auto country.

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