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Why cant lithium battery replace lead acid battery completely?

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Why cant lithium battery replace lead acid battery completely?

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As the weather gradually turns cooler, the temperature may have dropped significantly in many places. Many owners will see their electric car's range drop significantly. Winter is the peak season for battery replacement.

Why don't batteries last well in winter? As we've said before, the temperature effect on lead-acid batteries is very large. When the temperature 0 ℃ or so, the range of electric vehicles will fall to about 60%, then the temperature lower again, you can imagine.

Some of you may be wondering if lead-acid batteries, which are so temperature-sensitive, are less sensitive to lithium? Yes, lithium batteries do perform better at lower temperatures than lead-acid batteries, and that can have an impact, but not that much.

When it comes to the lithium battery of electric vehicles, people have the following impression:

1. Small size and light weight. The price is high. 3. Long service life and multiple times of rechargeable cycle. 4. Long warranty. It is less affected by temperature.

If you look at lithium batteries, they have so many advantages, but why haven't they completely replaced lead-acid batteries?

At present, lead-acid batteries in the two-wheeled electric vehicle battery market share of the absolute advantage. Although many manufacturers are pushing lithium batteries, but a number of factors, the next three years may not have much change in this situation.

A lot of friends would say lithium batteries are expensive. Indeed, even lead-acid batteries make up a big part of the price of a two-wheeled electric car. Maybe about a quarter, if it's a bigger model, it's like a third. If it's a larger lithium battery, it could account for half or more of the price.

What's more, it's only suitable for lightweight electric bikes. Did you find a lithium electric vehicle? Most of its power is 250W, or 350W. That is to say, the kind of motor power is relatively small, the controller power is relatively small on the simple electric bicycle.

We know about lithium batteries, and it's connected by a series of batteries, with a lot of little wires in between. If used in motor power more than 500W, or even 800W, 1000W electric motorcycle, long time large current discharge, the battery is unbearable.

It's also a safety hazard when your car is carrying too much weight, such as a steep climb, and it's easy to burn wires or even batteries. A few days ago we saw a news report that a lithium battery fire broke out in a certain place. This is the real lithium battery electric vehicles can not replace the lead acid electric vehicles the most important reason.

Lithium battery for electric vehicle

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