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How is a quality electric car lithium battery made?

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How is a quality electric car lithium battery made?

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With the support of national policies and the introduction of new national standards for electric vehicles, the development of electric vehicle lithium battery ushered in a huge opportunity. At present, the lithium battery industry for electric vehicles has formed a complete industrial chain with a high degree of specialization. Five details, tell you!

Detail 1: battery capacity, full computer monitoring

Quality electric car lithium battery each cell through the consistency control! The capacity of the upper dividing device of the scanning code for all batteries is divided, and the computer automatically records the capacity, internal resistance and voltage of each battery according to the scanning code content. Secondly, all single batteries are sprayed with all model capacity, wH, barcode, batch code, traceable production date code.

Detail 2: advanced spot welding, higher technology

High quality electric vehicle lithium battery adopts the most advanced spot welder equipment in China to connect and connect the battery string, the spot welding position and current are all monitored by computer setting parameters, the computer is connected to the current automatically through the battery during welding, virtual welding, if the welding is not strong alarm and shut down!

Detail 3: finished product aging test, strict standard

Each group of high-quality electric vehicle lithium battery, will use the domestic advanced aging equipment on the finished product of 100% aging points capacity test. When the battery appears the following two situations, are not shipped. First, when the battery capacity cycle 3 weeks, there is a drop of more than 0.02% will not be shipped; When high temperature aging voltage (voltage drop) difference, a group of batteries between each string more than 15mv not shipped.

Detail 4: can order protective board

High-quality electric vehicle lithium battery supporting the most advanced domestic, with the development of patent BMS protection system. Effectively prevent the protection system electronic components waterproof, high temperature, oxidation, impact) and other functions, in the normal use of the battery pack (over charge, over discharge, short circuit, under voltage, over current, temperature control) protection.

Detail five: the unique custom four anti four trace battery outer packing

On the exterior packaging, the high-quality electric vehicle lithium battery also has the design invention patent, all outer box USES 1mm alloy material and the high temperature spray molding craft, achieves the anti-collision, dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof; At the same time, all finished products with laser identification code, not only to ensure the quality of products, but also for each user.

In short, the quality of the lithium battery electric vehicle only to do these five details, in order to fully ensure the consistency and stability of the product. In the future, only when dealers cooperate with such a safe and reliable brand of lithium battery for electric vehicles, can they win a bigger breakthrough in the trend of lithium battery for electric vehicles.

How is a quality electric car lithium battery made?

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