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Analysis of the cause of lithium battery explosion in electric vehicles!

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Analysis of the cause of lithium battery explosion in electric vehicles!

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As a result of the popularity of lithium battery, a lot of electric cars on the market use lithium battery now, this also makes the accident that lithium battery explosion causes casualty to happen from time to time, this is because of what cause after all, the author gives everybody good popular science today.

First, the electric vehicle lithium battery negative pole capacity is insufficient

When the capacity of the anode part of the lithium battery is insufficient, the lithium atoms generated during charging cannot be inserted into the interlayer structure of the anode graphite, and will be analyzed on the surface of the anode to form crystallization. Crystallization in the lithium battery for a long time will lead to short circuit, when the cell discharge rapidly, will produce a lot of heat, burn out the diaphragm. High temperatures cause the electrolyte to break down into gas, and when the pressure is too high, the cell explodes.

Excessive moisture content

Charging, water can react and lithium, lithium oxide, make batteries capacity loss, easy to make batteries overcharge and gas production, water with low breakdown voltage, charging is easy to decompose generated gas, when the series of the generated gas can make the batteries of internal pressure, when batteries shell cannot afford, batteries would explode.

Internal short circuit

The short circuit of the internal cell causes a large current discharge, generating a lot of heat and burning the diaphragm, and causes a larger short circuit phenomenon, which will decompose the electrolyte into gas, the internal pressure is too large, the cell will explode.

Overcharge of lithium battery for electric vehicle

When the battery cell is overcharged, excessive release of lithium from the positive electrode will change the structure of the positive electrode, and excessive release of lithium is also easy to be unable to insert into the negative electrode, and also easy to cause lithium precipitation on the negative electrode surface. In addition, when the voltage reaches more than 4.5v, the electrolyte will decompose and produce a large number of gases. All of these things could cause an explosion.

External short circuit

External short circuit may be due to the positive and negative pole connection error, due to the external short circuit, the battery discharge current is very large, will make the cell heat, high temperature will make the cell internal diaphragm contraction or completely bad, resulting in internal short circuit, and therefore explosion.

Lithium battery for electric vehicle

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