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What are the advantages of lithium batteries for electric vehicles?

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What are the advantages of lithium batteries for electric vehicles?

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1, lithium battery light weight small size electric bike lithium battery electric vehicle brand diversification at present, in the aspect of dynamic performance and lead-acid battery, charging 6 ~ 8 hours, depending on the battery capacity can run 30 ~ 45 kilometers, the weight is only about 1/5 of the lead-acid battery, and the current general electric lithium battery warranty for two years, lead-acid battery warranty 1 year.

2, electric vehicle lithium battery has no activation characteristics of electric vehicle lithium battery is very easy to activate, as long as after 3-5 times of normal charge and discharge cycle can activate the battery, restore the normal capacity. Due to the characteristics of the lithium battery itself, it has almost no memory effect. Therefore, users of new electric vehicle lithium battery activation process, is not required special methods and equipment.

3, electric vehicle lithium battery with memory effect in lead-acid battery, nickel battery charge, have been worried about the battery memory effect, and electric bicycle electric vehicle lithium battery without memory effect, can be assured to charge without worrying about the battery before the charge of electricity.

4, electric vehicle lithium battery cycle life is long lithium ion battery charge, discharge at 1C times, its cycle life is greater than or equal to 500 times, the 500th time of the capacity, greater than 70% of the nominal copper beam. Even if lead-acid battery is discharged at 0.5 and charged at 0.15c, its cycle life is less than or equal to 350 times and its capacitance is less than or equal to 60%.

5. The working temperature range is wide. The lithium ion battery of the electric bicycle can work in the range of -25 c to 55 c, and its electric capacity can reach the standard of 70% of the capacity, while the lead-acid battery can only work in the range of 10 c to 40 c, and cannot work normally in the range of -25 c.

6, electric car lithium battery charging time is short, green environmental protection because of the characteristics of electric bicycle lithium ion battery can be charged at a large current, so the charging time is only 4-5 hours, and lead-acid battery needs 8 to 10 hours. No harmful to the environment of heavy metal lead, belongs to high environmental protection products.

Lithium battery for electric vehicle

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