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Do you know how long the life of lithium battery in electric vehicle is?

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Do you know how long the life of lithium battery in electric vehicle is?

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How many years can an electric car's lithium battery last? Believe that the vast majority of consumers have heard of, the life of the lithium battery is "500", 500 times more than the number of times, the battery will "die", many friends in order to be able to extend battery life, each time to charge when the battery run out completely, so really have a longer effect on battery life? The answer is no. The life of a lithium battery is "500 cycles", not the number of charges, but the cycle of charges and discharges.

A charging cycle means that the battery is fully charged from full to empty, and then from empty to full process, which is not the same as a charge. A lithium battery, for example, USES half as much on its first day, and then charges it slowly. If it's the same the next day, you charge it in half, and it comes down two times, which counts as one cycle, not two. As a result, it usually takes several charges to complete a cycle. With each charge cycle, the battery capacity is reduced a bit.

However, this is a very small amount of power. High-quality batteries retain 80% of their original capacity after many cycles, and many lithium-powered products are still used after two or three years. Of course, lithium batteries need to be replaced eventually. The so-called 500 times, refers to the manufacturer in a constant discharge depth of 625 times or so can be charged times, reached 500 charging cycle. Due to various influences in real life, especially the discharge depth during charging is not constant, so "500 charging cycles" can only be used as a reference battery life.

Myth: we often have the "electric car lithium battery charge after the use of electricity" or "electric car lithium battery charge after continue to charge, must charge enough for 12 hours" myth. Little imagine, if you so make lithium battery overcharge or overdischarge, not only can not make the electric car lithium battery life longer, but will shorten.

Lithium battery for electric vehicle

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