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How to prevent forklift lithium battery explosion?

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How to prevent forklift lithium battery explosion?

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How to prevent forklift lithium battery explosion?

Large capacity and long service life are the advantages of forklift lithium battery pack. However, with the continuous development of the market, lithium battery problems emerge in an endless stream, causing people's hot discussion, such as swelling, explosive, etc. So are lithium-ion batteries really mobile bombs? After our analysis and arrangement, the main reasons for the explosion can be divided into three types: external short circuit, internal short circuit and overcharge. Let's take a look at three possible culprits that could cause lithium batteries to explode

1. External short circuit: refers to the external of the battery cell, including the short circuit caused by a series of factors such as poor insulation design inside the forklift lithium battery pack, which may also be caused by improper operation. If a short circuit occurs outside the cell, and the electronic components are not cut off the circuit, the discharge of the battery at this time will lead to the battery temperature will rise, and the high temperature will make the cell inside the diaphragm damage or direct damage, which will lead to the internal short and trigger our most afraid of the explosion!

2. Internal short circuit: once the internal short circuit occurs, the forklift lithium battery battery will discharge a large amount of current in the core, generate a large amount of heat energy, and form a large amount of gas inside, which will lead to excessive pressure inside, and when the pressure reaches the core shell can not bear it will explode!

3. Overcharge: when the battery cell is overcharged, excessive discharge of lithium in the positive electrode may occur, which will lead to changes in the battery structure. Lithium in the negative electrode is not inserted into the negative electrode, which will also lead to lithium precipitation on the surface. Overcharging may lead to leakage, deformation, fire and other dangerous situations, serious will cause explosion!

With so much knowledge of explosion, it is the most important to choose excellent and reliable lithium battery manufacturers. Shenzhen dazheng weiye electronic technology co., LTD., a reliable manufacturer of high-quality lithium battery customization, welcomes your consultation and customization.

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