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What are the advantages of explosion-proof electric forklift lithium battery versus lead-acid battery?

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What are the advantages of explosion-proof electric forklift lithium battery versus lead-acid battery?

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What are the advantages of explosion-proof electric forklift lithium battery versus lead-acid battery?

In the current battery market, lithium battery by virtue of this safety, cost reduction, low maintenance costs, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection advantages quickly occupied the market, and gradually replace the traditional lead-acid battery. Lithium battery is widely used in many fields, such as forklift truck, tower, base station, etc. Besides electric vehicle, the following explosion-proof forklift truck manufacturer shenzhen ruilante will introduce the advantages of lithium battery of explosion-proof forklift truck compared with lead-acid battery.

What are the advantages of using lithium batteries over batteries in explosion-proof electric forklifts? Lithium batteries for electric vehicles are affected by the popularity of charging devices, the limitation of range, the uncontrollable driving range and other factors. At present, most lithium batteries are used in commuter vehicles, electric maintenance vehicles, sanitation and cleaning vehicles and short-line buses. However, explosion-proof forklifts are mostly operated in the factory, and their working strength and environment are fixed, so their working strength is generally strong. Therefore, many advantages of lithium batteries can be reflected in electric forklifts.

Advantages of lithium battery electric forklift:

Reduce logistics costs

Long life: up to three times longer than conventional lead-acid batteries

Cost saving: save more than 40% of electricity, reduce management cost and save space for battery storage.

Maintenance free: no need to add water, no drip corrosion and other pollution.

Improve operational efficiency

Quick charging mode, 1-3 hours quick charging mode is suitable for multi-shift operation.

Charging on the go eliminates battery replacement time and safety risks

More powerful, can completely replace the internal combustion forklift.

Monitor forklift and battery status, improve forklift management level.

Improve corporate image:

More environmental protection, no pollution, no corrosion, no lead.

Energy saving and safety.

High-tech, more advanced, represents the direction of industrial development.

As compared with the conventional lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries have incomparable advantages, so its application in forklift truck industry will have a strong impact on original forklift market pattern, the emergence of lithium battery forklift truck is the trend of The Times, the rapid development of logistics industry, need a charging time is short and long using time, stable performance, can endure high strength work, high degree of automation intelligent forklift truck, and the emergence of the lithium battery for forklift truck industry development has increased a bright spot!

    Lithium battery for shenzhen forklift truck

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