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18650 lithium batteries

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18650 lithium batteries

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The 18650 lithium battery life theory is 1,000 cycles. As the density of the unit capacity is very big, so most of the laptop battery, in addition, in 18650 at work stable performance is very good, is widely used in the electronics field: commonly used in high-grade light flashlight, portable power, wireless data transmission, electric thermal clothing, shoes and portable instruments and meters, portable lighting, portable printers, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc.

18650 means 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length. The model number 5 is 14500, with a diameter of 14mm and a length of 50mm. General 18650 batteries in the industrial use of more, less civil, common also in the notebook battery and high-end flashlight use more.

The 18650 is only the size and model of the battery. According to the battery type, it can be divided into 18650 for lithium ion, 18650 for lithium iron phosphate, 18650 for nickel hydrogen (very rare), and the common 18650 for lithium ion.

18650 lithium batteries

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