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The lithium battery

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The lithium battery

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18650 lithium battery

18 is 18mm in diameter, 65 is 65mm in height, and 0 is cylindrical.

Single nominal voltage: 3.6v or 3.7v

Charging voltage: 4.20v (4.2v-4.3v for lithium cobalt oxide)

The minimum discharge termination voltage is 2.75v, below which the battery capacity will be severely reduced or even scrapped

Maximum charging termination voltage: 4.20v

Diameter: 18 + / - 0.2 mm

Height: 65 + / - 2.0 mm

Capacity: over 600mAh, and the conventional capacity is 2200mah-3200mah

Widely used: notebook computer, walkie-talkie, portable DVD, instrument and meter, audio equipment, model airplane, toy, camera, bluetooth speaker, small fan, beauty instrument, children's education machine, digital camera and other electronic equipment,

The lithium battery

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