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Polymer lithium battery factory

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Polymer lithium battery factory

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Polymer battery is also called li-polymer battery, or polymer lithium battery. It is also a kind of lithium ion battery, but compared with liquid lithium battery (li-ion), it has many obvious advantages, such as high energy density, more miniaturization, ultra-thin, lightweight, and high safety. It is a new type of battery. In shape, the lithium polymer battery has the ultrathin characteristic, may cooperate each kind of product need, makes any shape and the capacity battery. The minimum thickness of such cells can be up to 0.5mm. Like li-ion, its nominal voltage is also a nominal voltage of 3.7v, without memory effect.

According to the different electrolyte materials used in lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries can be divided into liquid lithium ion batteries and polymer lithium ion batteries. The anode and cathode materials used in polymer lithium ion batteries are the same as those used in liquid lithium ion batteries, and the working principle of the batteries is basically the same. The main difference between them is in the electrolyte, which is liquid, and the polymer electrolyte, which is colloidal.

Polymer lithium battery factory

180mAh polymer lithium battery

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