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Polymer lithium battery customized

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Polymer lithium battery customized

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Polymer batteries work in the same way as liquid lithium, except that the electrolyte is different from liquid lithium. The main structure of the battery includes three elements: positive electrode, negative electrode and electrolyte. The so-called polymer lithium ion battery means that at least one or more of the three main structures use polymer materials as the main battery system. In the developed polymer lithium ion battery system, the polymer materials are mainly used in the anode and electrolyte. Anode materials include conductive polymer or lithium ion batteries used in inorganic compounds commonly, use solid electrolyte or colloidal polymer electrolytes, or organic electrolyte, lithium ion technology commonly used liquid or gel electrolyte, so need to accommodate combustible solid secondary packaging, the active ingredient, this increases the weight, in addition also limits the size of flexibility. The polymer lithium-ion process has no excess electrolyte, so it is more stable and less prone to overcharging, collisions or other damage from batteries, and to dangerous overuse.

A new generation of polymer lithium ion battery in shape can be thin shape is changed (ATL battery can reach 0.5 mm, the thinnest phase in the thickness of the card) and arbitrary shape, arbitrary area, greatly improving the battery design flexibility, which can meet the needs of the product, made into any shape and the capacity of the battery, for the application equipment developers on the power supply solution provides a high degree of design flexibility and adaptability, in order to maximize the optimization of its product performance. At the same time, the unit energy of polymer lithium ion battery is 50% higher than that of general lithium ion battery, and its capacity, charge-discharge characteristics, safety, operating temperature range, cycle life (more than 500 times) and environmental performance and other aspects are greatly improved compared with lithium ion battery.

Polymer lithium battery customized

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