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Polymer lithium battery wholesale

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Polymer lithium battery wholesale

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Polymer lithium battery features:

1, size thickness can be designed, so far the polymer lithium battery can achieve the minimum thickness of about 0.5mm. Because the polymer secondary lithium battery is small, the length and width of lithium battery can also change with the demand. The engineer can preset the lithium battery according to the actual space volume that the product can supply, and obtain the required special properties.

2. The office voltage of the battery can be increased in the form of electrodes side by side, which is absolutely impossible for the liquid electrolyte lithium battery on the market due to the problem of short circuit. However, for polymer lithium batteries, because it is a solid electrolyte system, it can be used to reduce the size of lithium batteries and the cost of utensils. Using this technology and the combination of large, thick type, produced a variety of different voltage volume and style of lithium battery.

3, with the charging-discharging characteristics, the common secondary lithium battery in the overcharge is easy to cause the safety valve cracks and fire, so must be added to take care of the line to ensure that the lithium battery will not occur overcharge. Polymer lithium battery, on the other hand, can reduce the cost of lithium battery and reduce the waiting time due to its satisfactory charge-discharge resistance and special properties, without the need to take extra care of IC circuit.

At present, the energy density of polymer lithium battery developed is still low, and in the future technology outlook, it is necessary to break the technical problems of using positive cathode materials with high energy density such as sulfur-series compounds and lithium metals, so as to meet the requirements of the next generation of electronic products for high volume and low cost of batteries.

Polymer lithium battery wholesale

Polymer lithium battery wholesale

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