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Forklift lithium battery manufacturer

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Forklift lithium battery manufacturer

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Now many factories, logistics in the handling of goods or stacked goods in many places will use forklift lithium battery. Forklifts are industrial vehicles used for loading, unloading, stacking, or short distance handling of pallets of finished goods (note the short distance handling because the forklift is very slow) or heavy goods.

1. Forklift lithium battery operation and control is simple and flexible. Operators operating strength to light many relative to internal combustion forklifts, electric steering system, speed control system, hydraulic control system and brake system are controlled by electrical signals, greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operators, thus to improve the work efficiency and the accuracy of work have the very big help. In addition, compared with the internal combustion forklift, the advantages of low noise and no exhaust emission of electric vehicles have also been recognized by many users.

2. Forklift lithium battery is environmentally friendly. Diesel internal combustion forklift emissions has been the industry criticism, emissions are not up to standard. Especially environmental protection enterprises, closed plant demand electric forklift. Although some enterprises will use LPG forklifts, LPG is too difficult to be added in China. At the same time, the purity of domestic liquefied gas is not up to the standard compared with that in Europe and America.

3. Routine maintenance of forklift lithium battery. The electric forklift is easy to maintain. Basically, it is ok to clean the equipment by finishing the hydraulic oil, and the cycle can be maintained once every 1,000 hours. Just add distilled water to the daily routine, but for diesel internal combustion forklift, it is required to be maintained once every 250 hours. Oil, air filters, etc. The cost is not low and the time is long.

Forklift lithium battery

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Forklift Lithium Battery

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