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Automobile power battery

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Automobile power battery

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The high price of new energy vehicles stems from lithium batteries

New energy vehicles are mainly composed of battery drive system, motor system, electric control system and assembly. Motor, electric control and assembly and traditional cars are basically the same, the price difference is due to the battery drive system. In terms of the cost structure of new energy vehicles, the battery drive system takes up 30-45% of the cost of new energy vehicles, and the lithium battery power takes up about 75-85% of the cost structure of battery drive system.

The core to solve the high price of new energy vehicles is to reduce the primary purchase cost of lithium battery power. At present, the commercialized power lithium battery mainly includes lithium iron phosphate battery, lithium manganese acid battery and ternary material battery, etc. The Chinese market is dominated by lithium iron phosphate, and most of Japan and South Korea choose the mixed battery system of lithium manganese acid and ternary material. Sadie statistics show that the current domestic price of lithium iron phosphate battery is about 3-4 yuan /Wh, lithium manganate and ternary material battery is about 4-5 yuan /Wh. Consider battery capacity of different kinds of new energy vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle battery capacity is 10 to 16 KWH, 24-60 KWH of pure electric vehicle battery capacity, battery capacity of pure electric bus is generally 200-400 KWH, corresponding battery price on 3, 7-180000 yuan - 50000 yuan and the level of 60-1.2 million yuan, so high battery prices is a major cause of new energy car prices.

Automobile power battery

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