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From the perspective of research and development of lithium battery power and consumption of lithium battery what is the difference?

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From the perspective of research and development of lithium battery power and consumption of lithium battery what is the difference?

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The reliability and consistency of power lithium battery should be considered more. After all, it should be used for a long time (at least 5-10 years), in a harsh environment (low temperature in winter, insolation in summer, rain and snow), and in series and parallel connection with a large number of batteries. Considering reliability and consistency, assume that a car USES 1000 power battery only, ideally, manufacturers hope that a model 100000 cars don't under the scale of the problem, is the ideal requirements on power battery problems (safety, storage, circulation, etc.) more likely to be below the one over one hundred million (for the most high-end consumer battery, of course, apple also to supplier request to this level). For reliability, power cells typically have more redundancy, for a thicker foil, foil, and foil foil, so they have about half the energy density of consumer cells.

Consumer lithium ion battery don't need long time reliability (circulation also need not do so well, because it would be in a year or two anyway), generally do not need to match group used alone, so no too big to consistency requirements, but because of consumer's mobile phone, pad space is limited and very precious, so consumer lithium ion battery for strict size, capacity and energy density is very demanding.

For safety, more external power battery protection circuit, heat dissipation layout and so on, of course also faces more harsh conditions (higher external voltage, the bigger current, more complex external environment), consumer battery less protection, want to be in a higher energy density by battery materials and design on the basis of resistance to live of the security risks.

In my opinion, high-end consumer batteries use the most advanced technology and materials, while power batteries need more advanced process control, consistency control and quality management.

1. The capacity is not the same, the power of the general large mobile phones and other electronic products of small capacity,

2. Cycle life power will also be higher

3. At the temperature control point, the power will have a protective temperature of the battery pack.


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