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A brief analysis of forklift lithium battery advantages!

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A brief analysis of forklift lithium battery advantages!

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With the continuous development of social science and technology and the promotion of energy saving and environmental protection worldwide, there are more and more energy saving products on the market. For the forklift market, the coverage of electric forklifts is getting wider and wider. For traditional forklifts, electric forklifts are quiet, pollution-free, low cost, long service life and less maintenance. At present, the batteries used in forklifts are mostly lead-acid batteries, but they have been gradually replaced by lithium batteries. Therefore, forklifts have many advantages in using lithium batteries. However, lithium battery development is still a lot of technical bottlenecks, so what? Together with small make up to see.

It should be emphasized that the difference between a lithium electric forklift and a conventional electric forklift is more than simply replacing the battery. Lithium ion battery and lead acid batteries are two different systems of power battery, the battery on the same principle also not too, lead-acid battery forklift instead of li-ion battery forklift truck is not a simple battery switch, it involves a set of complete system matching and technical support, is a kind of new technology and structure of the transformation, the need to have enough technical reserves and the accumulation of experience can be achieved.

The technical director made a similar point. He thinks, besides individual company, at present the integral technology level of domestic lithium electric forklift is not high. In order to really get involved in this field, relevant enterprises must break through some technical bottlenecks, such as battery consistency, power management system (BMS) matching and so on.

First, forklift lithium battery consistency.

In order to achieve safety, high energy density and good high and low temperature performance, power battery products need to have high consistency. It is understood that the current dazheng battery production base internal use of * fully automated production line, with high precision, high speed, high intelligence and other characteristics, to ensure that the battery production process of intelligent automation precision control, ensure the consistency of battery production requirements. The key process of the whole production line is equipped with the production equipment of * in the industry, and is also equipped with the automatic assembly line independently developed by dazheng, which represents the current equipment technology level of dazheng.

Second, the matching of power management systems (BMS).

Battery management system, as an electronic component of real-time monitoring, automatic balance and intelligent charge and discharge, plays an important role in ensuring safety, extending life, estimating residual power and other important functions, and is an indispensable and important part of power and energy storage battery pack. Through a series of management and control, it ensures the safety and normal operation of batteries and vehicles.

It is understood that dazheng and other enterprises have adopted their own design and production of power management system, vehicle performance, efficiency, safety and comfort to achieve the state.

The technical director also mentioned that at present, most of the lithium electric forklifts use lead-acid battery body, which does not give play to the characteristics of small size and high energy density of lithium battery. To this end, he suggested that the relevant enterprises should design vehicles according to the size of lithium battery, so as to make the model more compact and more convenient to operate.

Safety of lithium batteries.

In the normal use of lithium battery, there is no problem, but even if the lithium battery technology level in high, there are very small safety risks, such as improper use of lithium battery will occur leakage or even explosion.

Therefore, the forklift lithium battery development is the trend. Small make up to remind everyone is, in the choice of lithium battery must look for a big brand, many domestic brands are not formal qualification, although the price is cheap, but after-sales can not be guaranteed. Hebei is a professional production of lithium battery brand, its products after many factory tests, quality assurance. The above is the forklift lithium battery advantage of what all the content, I hope to help you reference.

A brief analysis of forklift lithium battery advantages!

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