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Lithium battery

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Lithium battery

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Lithium battery:

Lithium iron batteries are introduced by the American eveready company after 2000 and marketization of new green energy to chemical power source, needs in the applied to high energy high-power power electronics and electric toy, shows a very superior performance. Above the secondary discharge current, lithium iron battery discharge time is about 6 times of alkaline manganese batteries. Compared with nickel metal hydride battery, its discharge voltage platform and storage time have significant advantages.

In general, lithium iron battery has the following prominent advantages:

1. Interchangeability with alkaline manganese batteries, which can be exchanged with alkaline zinc manganese batteries for any purpose;

2, with longer working time and higher and flatter working voltage, especially in the medium current above discharge;

3. Environment-friendly and green power supply, free from mercury, chromium, lead and other toxic substances;

4, good storage performance, storage period can be up to 10 years.

Lithium battery application:

1. Automobile and motorcycle industry. The main purpose is to provide electrical energy for the starting and ignition of the engine and the use of on-board electronic equipment.

2. Industrial power system. It is used for power transmission and substation, closing current for power unit, backup power supply for public facilities and power supply for communication.

Electric cars and bicycles. Replace gasoline and diesel, as electric cars or electric bicycles driving power source.

Lithium battery

60V80AH lithium battery

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