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How to solve the problem that the lithium battery is not durable?

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How to solve the problem that the lithium battery is not durable?

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In recent years, due to the progress of lithium battery technology, electric vehicle lithium battery ushered in its own explosion period, but with the coming also brought some problems. Recently, a friend reported to me that the lithium battery of its electric car did not take long to reduce the capacity of the situation, ask me what is the reason? Today I will give you a solution.

When this happens, many people's first reaction is whether it's the quality of the battery. In fact, the electric car lithium battery pack capacity decreases, in addition to the aging of the battery itself, recession, there is a more common, more important factor, is the self-discharge rate is different, resulting in the series battery power imbalance, ultimately leading to the electric car lithium battery capacity is not durable. According to the statistics of the lithium battery of my electric car, about half of the lithium battery of electric car are due to the capacity decrease caused by the imbalance of power. What's more, the voltage of the lithium battery of electric car drops below 2.0v, which means that the battery is close to the state of scrap and cannot be charged.

So what can be done to correct the imbalance in the electric car's lithium-ion battery?

1. Firstly charge the whole battery pack, and float for 2 to 3 hours after turning the light. If the battery pack has been placed for a long time and cannot be charged, it can be charged directly across the protection plate for 10 minutes (using the discharge port to charge) and then charged normally.

2. Unplug the protection board's wiring. Before unplugging, please make a good mark. Measure the voltage of adjacent pins on the row. If it is 48V, there are 16 voltages and 60V is 20 voltages. The first series of voltages starting at the negative terminal is the voltage between the negative terminal of the battery pack and the first row, and so on. Find the single series with voltage lower than 3.50v, judge the positive and negative poles, and mark them.

3. Use a 3.6v charger to charge a single series of 3.60v to 3.70v with a voltage lower than 3.50v. But someone needs to be on duty to prevent the battery from being scrapped due to overcharging.

4, according to the original order plug back into the line, pay attention to not reverse connection, installed the battery, can be put into use.

Finally, to teach you some peacetime maintenance of electric car lithium battery method. Because the lithium battery of electric vehicle has no memory, the battery pack should be charged regularly after every ride or every day. If the bike has been in storage for more than two months, the battery pack needs a full charge. If the product is placed for more than 5 months, a charge and discharge cycle should be carried out. Lithium electric bicycle in the case of not using, should be promptly shut down the power supply, or the battery pack from the battery base to pull out another place. Because the motor and controller in the no-load state will still consume power.

In fact, with the implementation of the new national standard, electric car lithium battery will enter a blowout period, will emerge many lithium products. But I hope that more lithium battery enterprises can focus on the product itself, improve the added value of the product, then the lithium battery electric vehicle will be more popular with users.

Lithium battery for electric vehicle

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