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What are the characteristics of lithium iron phosphate battery?

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What are the characteristics of lithium iron phosphate battery?

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Do you know the characteristics of lithium iron phosphate battery? Together with the electric car lithium battery look!

1. High efficiency output: standard discharge is 2 ~ 5C, continuous high current discharge is up to 10C, and instantaneous pulse discharge (10S) is up to 20C;

2, good performance at high temperature as: external temperature 65 ℃ when the internal temperature is as high as 95 ℃, at the end of the battery discharge temperature can reach 160 ℃, the structure of the battery safe and in good condition; Even if the battery internal or external damage, the battery does not burn, do not explode, the best safety;

3, excellent cycle life, after 500 cycles, the discharge capacity is still greater than 95%;

4, over discharge to zero volts no damage;

5. Quick charging;

6. Low cost;

7, no memory effect: rechargeable battery often in full do not put the condition of the work, the capacity will quickly lower than the rated capacity value, this phenomenon is called memory effect. Nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries have memory, while lithium iron phosphate batteries have no such phenomenon. No matter what state the batteries are in, they can be filled and used at any time, without having to be put out before charging.

8, small size, light weight, the same size capacity of lithium iron phosphate battery is 1/3 of the volume of lead-acid battery, weight is 1/3 of the lead-acid battery.

9, no pollution to the environment, the battery does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals (nickel metal hydride batteries need rare metals), non-toxic (SGS certification), no pollution, in line with European ROHS regulations, is absolutely green environmental protection battery. However, there is a large amount of lead in lead-acid batteries, which will cause secondary pollution to the environment if not treated properly after being discarded. However, lithium iron phosphate materials are pollution-free in both production and use.

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